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About YIFY Torrent (YTS)

YIFY torrents now known publicly as YTS is most popular torrent directory, high quality movies download torrenting site. ... Likewise Yify we also uncover the best kodi addons which are also used to stream movies and TV shows online.

What are YTS Proxy and Torrent Mirror Sites?

YTS proxy and YIFY torrent mirror sites are a mere replica of the actual YIFY torrent site. In other words, these sites mirror YIFY and all the content that it hosts. So, if you want to watch or download a movie in 720p HD quality, you can rely on YTS proxy sites that are absolutely safe and offer the same level of UI experience as the original YIFY torrenting site. Moreover, they offer the same goodies such as: unlimited movie torrents, subtitles in various languages, site index, et al.

Since torrenteers are always on the lookout for alternate ways to access content on major geo-restricted movie torrenting sites, you can rely safely on YTS proxy sites for your daily dose of latest movies. These sites take you to a proxy page, which then allows you to download your favourite content. Thus, you can easily stream movies once YIFY has been successfully unblocked in your region.

A Brief History of YIFY Unblocked

YIFY was an amazing torrent site wherein you could browse through your favourite movies in any genre. It was renowned for providing downloadable movies in the best quality with subtitles in numerous languages. You could even stumble across ripped Blu-Ray movies in decent quality! But, YIFY’s modus operandi of illegally serving downloads to users didn’t pass muster with the copyright holders, governmental authorities as well as ISPs.

Henceforth, one-by-one it got geo-restricted in many countries, and things started looking pretty dismal for free content lovers. People resorted to using VPNs and other methods to bypass their geo-restrictions and mask their IP address, but to no avail. Soon, the struggle was real and times were only getting tougher.

Suddenly, many secret YTS proxy and YIFY torrents mirror sites cropped up in no time, unblocked YTS.ag and saved the day for many people across the globe. Floated by former members of YIFY, some big webmasters/uploaders and some secret communities, these YTS proxy and Yify torrent mirror sites began to thrive and hooked people up with their favourite movies in HD quality.

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