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KAT - What is it?

KAT is an abbreviation of work "KickassTorrents". KickassTorrents (KAT) is a Pirate Bay alternative torrent site that provides new movies, latest music files, and magnet links to facilitate peer-to-peer using the BitTorrent protocol.

About Kickass Torrents (KAT)

KickassTorrents, often called simply KAT or Kickass or kick-ass, is one of the world’s most popular torrent meta-search engines, dating to 2008 when it was launched at the domain name Today, the original domain name is no longer accessible, but KickassTorrents continues to live on at and a number of alternative domains.

History of The Pirate Bay (TPB)

KickassTorrents (KAT) website was founded in 2008 and by November 2014, KAT became the most visited BitTorrent directory in the world, overtaking The Pirate Bay, according to the site's Alexa ranking. KAT went offline on 20 July 2016 when the domain was seized by the U.S. government. The site's proxy servers were shut down by its staff at the same time. In December 2016, former KAT staff members revived the KAT community by creating a website with its predecessor's features and appearance.

KickassTorrents has always attracted unwanted attention from anti-piracy groups and law enforcement agencies. Despite complying with the DMCA, a United States copyright law that implements two 1996 treaties of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), the original domain name of KickassTorrents was seized by the United States Department of Justice only three years after the site launched.

What followed was a series of domain changes as KickassTorrent admins desperately tried to keep the site afloat. In 2013, the site moved to Tonga domain name; in 2014, the site moved to the Somalia domain name; in 2015, the site moved to the Isle of Man-based domain name; in 2016, the site was resurrected by a group of the original staff at, and that’s where it continues to be accessible to this day.

To improve the site’s availability, KickassTorrents added an official Tor network .onion address. “Good news for those who have difficulties accessing KAT due to the site block in their country, now you can always access KAT via this address (lsuzvpko6w6hzpnn.onion) on a Tor network,” announced KAT’s Mr. White. Apart from improving the site’s availability, Kickass Tor address also allows KickassTorrents’ users to access the site anonymously.

How to Access KickassTorrents Torrent Site Through Tor

To access Kickass Tor address, you first need to download Tor Browser, which lets you use Tor on Microsoft Windows, Apple macOS, or GNU/Linux from here.

  • 1. Tor Browser doesn’t require installation, so you can simply unpack the downloaded file to any folder you want and launch it by clicking on the application icon.
  • 2. Once running, enter the lsuzvpko6w6hzpnn.onion address in the address bar and press enter.
  • 3. Sometimes it takes Tor Browser a while to establish a strong connection, so it may take a few minutes for the Tor version of KickassTorrents to load.

KickassTorrents (KAT) is back to Live! Thanks to original KAT Team!!

A gathering of the first staff, which initially brought the network some portion of the site back at, have now relaunched the scandalous deluge site at, with an indistinguishable look and feel from the first. Obviously, the site is as of now observing specialized issues, likely not helped by the heap of numerous downpour clients anxious to look at it.

Back in July, the first KAT site went down after affirmed author Artem Vaulin was captured. The world's most well known downpour webpage vanished off the web, however honest to goodness mirrors and phony destinations rapidly jumped up to have its spot.

Presently, somewhere in the range of five months after the fact, the first KAT staff is doing its best to take the site back to formal brilliance:

Last part is the thing that really influences this new site to emerge from all the others attempting to bring KAT back. Having huge numbers of the first deluge uploaders implies new substance that a huge number of clients.

It's vital to recollect that while this seems, by all accounts, to be the best endeavor to bring KAT back yet, the inspirations of the staff are not yet clear. Besides, there's not ensure will be around for long.

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